Government names SST vice-chairpersons

By Staff | May 6, 2013 | Last updated on May 6, 2013
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Diane Finley, minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, says three vice-chairpersons have been appointed to the new Social Security Tribunal.

This new tribunal—which commenced operations on April 1, 2013—is a single decision-making body that has consolidated the work previously done by four separate HRSDC tribunals.

The four vice-chairpersons are David Wake, Dominique Bellemare and Margot Ballagh.

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The single tribunal was created as a way to offer one point of contact for submitting an appeal, meaning the process will now be easier for Canadians. It will also boost access to administrative justice for these appellants.

“The new tribunal will be fair, credible, impartial and independent,” says Finley. “Wake, Bellemare and Ballagh each have strong legal backgrounds.”

The SST is offering two levels of appeal hearings. The general division, the first level, will deal with Employment Insurance appeals, as well as cases involving CPP and OAS payments. Bellemare will head the EI section, while Ballagh will head the income security section.

The appeal division, the second level, will be led by Wake. It’s the subsequent level since it deals solely with appeals of decisions made by the first, general division.

Minister Finley also announced the appointment of nine additional full-time members approved by Governor in Council. To date, 42 members from across the country have been appointed to the SST, alongside a chairperson and these three vice-chairpersons.

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