Hedge fund manager rips CNBC’s Cramer in SEC filing

By Staff | December 5, 2014 | Last updated on December 5, 2014
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TV personality and online stock tipper Jim Cramer has been sharply criticized by hedge fund manager J. Carlo Cannell, reports Bloomberg.

Cramer hosts CNBC’s Mad Money. He is also a major shareholder, director and co-founder of financial news site TheStreet.

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In a letter to Cramer, Cannell asks: “To which entity do you ascribe your greater allegiance?” TheStreet is public, and has lost value since the recession. Cannell says it’s because Cramer hasn’t been giving it the attention it needs, Bloomberg reports, adding the hedge fund manager’s “missive was disclosed in an SEC filing yesterday by Cannell Capital LLC.”

Cannell advises Cramer to pick one gig and let the other go.

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