IFSE Institute launches new qualifying course for alt funds

By Staff | February 1, 2021 | Last updated on February 1, 2021
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With regulators making it easier for mutual fund reps to deal in alternative funds, the IFSE Institute introduced a new course that aims to qualify fund reps to deal in liquid alts.

The new “Investing in Alternative Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds” course is designed to give reps “the foundation needed to understand the fundamentals of alternative mutual funds and hedge funds,” said a release from the Investment Funds Institute of Canada’s (IFIC) educational arm.

“With this course, we aim to ensure Canadians receive tailored, reliable advice from dealing representatives about a product that is newly accessible to retail investors,” said Christina Ashmore, managing director of IFSE.

Last week, the Canadian Securities Administrators said it was expanding the list of courses that fund reps can use to qualify to deal in alt funds in an effort to improve investor access to these products.

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