Income trust public discussion set for December

By Doug Watt | November 9, 2005 | Last updated on November 9, 2005
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The iTrustInstitute has set up a public forum to discuss the federal government’s consultation paper on income trusts. The roundtable will take place on December 14 at the TSX conference centre in Toronto.

Experts in the areas of investment, taxation, business, finance and economics will address questions and consider issues raised in the paper.

“Subsequent to the release of the consultation, statements and actions by the government caused confusion about the future of income trust securities,” the institute said in a release, referring to Ottawa’s decision to stop issuing advance tax ruling on trusts until the consultation’s completion.

“This uncertainty was partially responsible for the recent precipitous decline in value of this sector in the market amounting to over more than $20 billion by some estimates. The turmoil was a key catalyst for the institute to bring together all sides to gain meaningful insight on controversial topics.”

“We look forward to sharing prescient answers and developing new insights useful for informed policy-making,” said iTrustInstute co-founder Leslie Hayman. “This is where Bay Street meets Main Street. People realize that the consequences of government policies touch retirement savings as well as capital market dynamics and values.”

“This is not about politics,” she stressed. “This is about creating a stable exchange where there’s an attractive destination for investors and public equity issuers. We see opportunity to study income and trust principles. We can develop an efficient capital market that supports improved productivity and real growth. It’s of potential benefit to all Canadians.”

Confirmed presenters include Sandy McIntyre of Sentry Select, Chris Rankin of Canaccord, Janis Koyanagi of the TSX and Bill Gleberzon of CARP. Topics for discussion include taxation, retirement savings and the merits of corporate and trust structures.

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