Insights from Canada’s first regulatory hackathon

By Staff | March 8, 2017 | Last updated on March 8, 2017
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In November 2016, the OSC hosted RegHackTO, the first hackathon by a Canadian securities regulator, which attracted more than 120 members of the Canadian fintech community. Participants competed to find solutions to regulatory problems in four areas:

  • regtech,
  • KYC and identity authentication,
  • financial literacy and
  • transparency in the capital markets.

These themes emerged:

  • Distributed ledger technology is powerful and has the potential to increase efficiencies and transparency in capital markets.
  • Open access to data is essential for advancing fintech solutions, particularly with regards to simplifying the collection of KYC information.
  • Regulators must be prepared to consider novel fintech ideas and business models in a flexible manner.

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Based on these finding, the OSC intends to explore ways to take a more innovative and flexible approach to regulation.

Next steps include considering opportunities to leverage technologies such as artificial intelligence in the OSC’s regulatory work; supporting the facilitation of access to data where it fairly increases competition and provides tangible benefits to investors; and encouraging participants in the fintech community to build and speak to OSC staff about test pilots for centralized KYC information collection and verification processes.

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Read the OSC’s white paper on the hackathon’s insights here. Also, view accompanying video that outlines the event and features participants and winners.

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