Mackenzie Investments announces fund mergers, changes

By Staff | November 22, 2016 | Last updated on November 22, 2016
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Mackenzie Financial Corporation has announced that investors have approved the merger of nine Mackenzie funds (see the table below), and that there will be changes to the investment objectives of two Mackenzie funds.

The investment objectives and strategies of the The Mackenzie Global Concentrated Equity Fund will change on November 25, 2016, to reflect a rules-based investment approach and a portfolio with balanced exposures across sectors, industries and risk factors. Rick Weed, senior vice-president and portfolio manager, will be lead portfolio manager of the fund.

The investment objectives of Mackenzie Canadian Growth Fund will be clarified, effective November 25, 2016, by removing references to fixed-income and government securities. The change will not impact the fund’s current or future holdings.

Investors in each fund identified as a terminating fund in the table below approved a resolution to merge or reorganize into the corresponding continuing fund. These changes will be implemented on or about November 25, 2016.

Terminating Fund Continuing Fund
Mackenzie Global Asset Strategy Fund Mackenzie Global Strategic Income Fund
Mackenzie Real Return Bond Fund Mackenzie Canadian Bond Fund
Mackenzie Global Bond Fund Mackenzie Global Tactical Bond Fund
Mackenzie All Cap Dividend Class Mackenzie Canadian All Cap Dividend Class
Mackenzie Canadian Concentrated Equity Fund Mackenzie Canadian Growth Fund
Mackenzie Diversified Equity Fund Mackenzie Global Dividend Fund
Mackenzie Global Diversified Equity Class Mackenzie Global Dividend Fund
Mackenzie Global Concentrated Equity Class Mackenzie Global Concentrated Equity Fund
Mackenzie USD Convertible Securities Fund Mackenzie USD Global Tactical Bond Fund staff


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