Manulife launches 3 funds

August 5, 2014 | Last updated on August 5, 2014
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Manulife Investments has added three mutual funds to its global fund lineup: Manulife Global Dividend Fund, Manulife Global Dividend Class and Manulife Global Strategic Balanced Yield Fund.

“Global equity and fixed income exposure are important diversification tools for Canadian investors,” says Paul Lorentz, executive vice president, Retail Markets.

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Manulife Global Dividend Fund and Manulife Global Dividend Class invest primarily in a diversified portfolio of high quality dividend paying global equities. The fund’s mandate is unconstrained, allowing the portfolio managers to invest in the most attractive investment opportunities throughout the world.

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Manulife Global Strategic Balanced Yield Fund invests in high quality, undervalued global dividend stocks, as well as a diversified portfolio of global fixed income securities. The fund invests across the spectrum of fixed income securities of global issuers of any quality and term. The fixed income component has maximum flexibility to tactically reposition holdings at different points in the credit cycle to mitigate downside risk and capitalize on opportunities.