MD Physician Services rejigs shelf

By Staff | September 16, 2011 | Last updated on September 16, 2011
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MD Physician Services has announced investment advisor changes to four of its mutual funds and two investment pools.

MD American Value Fund will be restructured, with Lord Abbett & Co. LLC being joined by two additional co-investment advisors, Fiduciary Management Inc. and NWQ Investment Management Company LLC.

MD International Value Fund will move to a multi-manager structure with three new investment advisors, Mondrian Investment Partners Limited, LSV Asset Management and EARNEST Partners.

The MD Equity Fund will incorporate the above advisor changes to the U.S. and international portions of the fund.

MDPSI has appointed Manulife Asset Management as the sole investment advisor to the MD Dividend Fund.

The U.S. value portion of the MDPIM US Equity Pool will have NWQ Investment Management co-advise with two new investment advisors, Fiduciary Management Inc. and Lord Abbett & Co. LLC.

The MDPIM International Equity Pool will have LSV Asset Management and EARNEST Partners co-advise with the existing investment advisors, Walter Scott & Partners Ltd., Comgest SA and Mondrian Investment Partners Limited.

CIBC Global Asset Management will continue to provide cash and currency management for all of the noted funds and pools.

At the same time, MD Physician Services announced enhancements to its four MD portfolios, allowing allow the fund manager to adjust the asset allocation of the portfolios from time to time. These enhancements do not change the overall investment objective of each portfolio. staff


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