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By Staff | January 24, 2013 | Last updated on January 24, 2013
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These popular articles on insurance will get you up to speed on what’s happening in the industry and provide you with information you need to help clients and improve your practice.

Life insurance industry shake up in works

LOGiQ³ Corp. is currently working with key Canadian life insurance industry stakeholders to devise an industry standard model for advisor screening, contracting, and monitoring.

European insurers facing tough times

European insurers are taking sweeping measures to restructure in the face of narrowing opportunities to generate profits.

3 ways to create an insurance trust

An insurance trust is a tool that can allow a policy owner to control the timing and use of insurance proceeds following the death of the life insured. While commonly used for situations involving minor beneficiaries, using insurance proceeds to fund a testamentary trust can also be effective in many other situations. There are three methods by which an insurance trust can be created.

Ensure clients have adequate travel insurance

People inclined to rely on out-of-country travel insurance coverage from their credit card company need to get them to verify in writing that they will allow private coverage as a top-up to credit card travel insurance.

Insurance for wealthy clients

Life insurance is an important financial instrument in the estate planning of a business owner.

Get volume discounts on insurance

Everyone likes a deal—when laundry detergent is on sale, you stock up because you know eventually you’ll need it. The same could be true of life insurance, and your client could benefit from a volume discount by buying more.

How to explain insurance rate increases

Permanent life insurance is underpriced—and companies know it. Since the last quarter of 2010, most insurers have increased their prices; with some hinting at a third round of rate hikes. And the product itself may actually be heading for extinction, since some providers are removing their permanent products and focusing on adjustable insurance rates or term insurance. So, what do we tell clients? staff


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