New Alberta investor website borrows name from Ontario

By Doug Watt | September 1, 2005 | Last updated on September 1, 2005
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(September 1, 2005) The Alberta Securities Commission has introduced a new investor education website. But there’s concern that the site’s name,, could cause some confusion because of its similarity to Ontario’s

“We did point out to them that we thought it would be confusing but they had already gone ahead and done their site,” says Terri Williams, president of Ontario’s Investor Education Fund. “But the more resources for investors that are objective, the better.”

Alberta’s site does contain a link to Ontario’s version. “That’s because when we found out they were using a URL very similar to ours we expressed concern and they agreed to put a link to our site on their home page,” says Williams.

And although there is no central investor education site in Canada, Williams notes that the Canadian Securities Administrators site has an investor education section that does link to all the different securities commissions.

Alberta’s education campaign also includes road show booths, contests, and a new mascot, called “Investor Ed”.

“The 2005 campaign was designed in response to research that found that a majority of Albertans feel they do not have the tools and/or resources to make informed investment decisions,” the commission said in a release. “The ASC has undertaken this initiative using a plain-language and interactive method to educate Albertans in making informed investment decisions.”

The campaign is largely aimed at novice investors faced with a major change in their life, such as a first job or new home.

“Investing doesn’t have to be an intimidating topic associated with a lot of jargon,” adds ASC chair Bill Rice. “We are offering this information in a user-friendly way that everyone can relate to.”

Recent additions to Ontario’s site include articles on RESPs and home renovations. The Ontario site now offers documents in nine languages, including Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Tamil and Urdu.

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