New Series T solutions: Cash flow with added tax efficiency

By Staff | August 14, 2007 | Last updated on August 14, 2007
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As the overall population ages, investors are increasingly looking for solutions that can provide both regular cash flow and tax savings. Franklin Templeton Investments’ Series T funds and portfolios have proven popular with investors and advisors as a way of generating tax-efficient cash flow.

Franklin Templeton Investments has added a Series T version to five more of our popular funds and portfolios in order to provide your clients with more flexibility and diversification in their cash flow solutions. You can get the power of tax-deferred Return of Capital distributions working for your clients today.

All of the new Series T funds listed here target an 8% annual distribution* on a monthly basis:

  • Quotential Growth Portfolio
  • Quotential Global Growth Portfolio
  • Mutual Beacon Fund
  • Mutual Discovery Fund
  • Franklin Templeton U.S. Rising Dividends Fund

For more information about our line up of 12 distinct funds and portfolios under the Series T banner, please contact your sales manager at 1.800.897.7286 or visit advisorsource at

*8% targeted Series T Return of Capital payout may change at the discretion of Franklin Templeton Investments.

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