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By Staff | May 9, 2008 | Last updated on May 9, 2008
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(May 9, 2008) JovFunds Management, a subsidiary of Jovian Capital Corporation, has launched the Jov Fiera Tactical Allocation Portfolios. The prospectus-based portfolios of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are sub-advised by Fiera Capital Inc.

“Building on the success of the Horizons BetaPro ETFs, and the growing demand for exchange-traded funds, we have developed a series of tactical allocation portfolios which provide the benefits of ETFs, within an asset allocation platform managed by one of Canada’s largest independent money managers, Fiera Capital,” says Adam Felesky, CEO of JovFunds.

The portfolios seek to provide direct or indirect exposure to a combination of global equity, commodity and/or fixed-income markets. They will invest primarily in diversified baskets of ETFs to deliver their targeted asset mix.

“The worldwide emergence of ETFs provides us with an expanded toolkit at a minimal cost to capitalize on our firm’s well-established asset allocation process,” says Jean-Guy Desjardins, chairman, CEO and CIO of Fiera.

The portfolios are available in three versions: the Jov Fiera Conservative Tactical Portfolio; Jov Fiera Balanced Tactical Portfolio; and the Jov Fiera Growth Tactical Portfolio. All have been constructed to take into account an investor’s risk profile and investment time horizon. The portfolios’ use of ETFs as the underlying investment tool helps to ensure the tactical allocation matches the respective benchmark returns.

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Assante offers healthcare concierge program for clients

(May 9, 2008) Assante Wealth Management is offering a program that provides Assante clients and their families with expert healthcare counsel and a complete analysis of their current state of health.

Delivered in partnership with the Medcan Clinic, The Path to Wellness is a healthcare concierge program for Assante clients. The Path to Wellness will allow Assante to complement its wealth management solutions by putting clients in touch with leading medical professionals available through the Medcan Clinic, offering them the means to fully address their health management needs.

Medcan offers a comprehensive health assessment that is focused on identifying health risks before signs and symptoms occur, and uses the best available testing to screen for risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and an array of other illnesses. If the client chooses to have an annual assessment, Medcan is able to track progress over time and provide important insight to help better manage the client’s health in the long run.

“We are excited to team with Medcan in offering this special program,” said Joe Canavan, chairman and CEO of Assante Wealth Management. “Our clients have entrusted their Assante advisor with their financial affairs. Now, with The Path to Wellness, we are broadening our commitment to providing holistic solutions for our clients through a program that allows them to be proactive about their health.”


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