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By Staff | January 28, 2008 | Last updated on January 28, 2008
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(January 28, 2008) Guardian Group of Funds is getting more entrenched in the T-class craze. The company revealed on Monday that it is launching new T-class mutual funds.

The funds, says GGOF, will “provide investors with more options for regular, predictable cash flow with greater tax efficiency.” Investors will be able to choose between a 5% and 8% cash flow.

Gavin Graham, chief investment officer at GGOF, says retirees are looking for investments that provide capital growth, capital preservation and income generation.

He points to the T-class mutual fund as an option, as the series provides regular, predictable cash flow, regardless of the income generated by the underlying investments.

“With 20 investment options, GGOF’s T-class funds provide investors with complete investment flexibility,” said Graham. “It is now possible to invest in a wide variety of asset classes, an essential part of a diversified portfolio, while still generating much-needed cash flow.”

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Mackenzie launches series T and P funds

(January 28, 2008) Mackenzie Investments is also riding the T-series train. The company is launching new series T and P shares in order to provide investors with “regular, tax-efficient cash flow.”

The series will be part of the equity and fixed income pools of Symmetry Portfolio Service.

“Symmetry has always offered custom portfolio design, professional management, continuous monitoring and rebalancing,” says David Feather, president of Mackenzie Financial Services. “Adding series T and P greatly enhances the flexibility of the program, giving investors and their advisors the ability to create high-quality, tax- efficient portfolios that pay out monthly income.”

The new offerings are part of the company’s capital class structure, which allows investors to switch between funds without triggering immediate capital gains.

For those who go with the series T, the choice of either a 6% or an 8% annualized distribution is available. Investors can expect an 8% distribution from the series P funds.


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