On The Shelf: Franklin Templeton changes fund lineups

By Staff | June 9, 2008 | Last updated on June 9, 2008
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(June 9, 2008) Changes are afoot at Franklin Templeton Investments, as the company announced Monday that it was altering its Global Income Fund and Quotential Diversified Income Portfolio lineups.

Templeton Global Income Fund Series A units will now become Series T, while the U.S. dollar Series A is set to become the new Series T-USD units. Quotential Diversified Income Portfolio Series A and Series F units will be re-designated into Series T and Series S units, respectively.

The moves do not affect management fees, and distributions will still rise at an annual rate of 6%.

However, investors in series T and S units will receive monthly distributions in the form of return of capital.

Series F and O units in the Global Income Fund are also changing. The payouts will now be annual distributions of income and net capital gain — payable in December — instead of monthly distributions.

Series I and O units of the Diversified Income Portfolio will also change from monthly to annual distributions of income and net capital gains, payable in December.

The company is also launching new Series A units for its Global Income Fund and new Series A and F units for its Quotential Diversified Income Portfolio on June 23, 2008. The new units will distribute any income and net capital gains annually in December.


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