OSC to host roundtable on small business investment

By Staff | May 14, 2013 | Last updated on May 14, 2013
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The OSC will hold a roundtable on June 11, 2013 to discuss ways investors can help start-ups and small businesses raise money in Canada.

It wants to consider how companies can do this by issuing securities without first having to prepare and file a prospectus. For example, one of the options being suggested by the regulator is crowdfunding, which would allow businesses to sell securities over the Internet.

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If crowdfunding were to be adopted, the Commission would first have to ensure investors are sufficiently protected.

So, OSC staff wants to hear whether people are interested in making these types of investments. If so, it’s crucial they understand what kind of information people would need and how much they would be willing to invest.

Those interested in these issues should attend the roundtable, which will include a brief presentation followed by an open discussion with attendees. It will occur from 9am to 11am on the 22nd floor of the OSC’s offices at 20 Queen Street West in Toronto, Ontario.

All participants must RSVP by email to exemptmarketconsultations@osc.gov.on.ca by June 6, 2013.


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