CAIFA conference update: Find the right frequency, marketing expert says

Jennifer McLaughlin (October 3, 2002) Advisors need to focus on the right clients with the right frequency, says Bill Gibson of Knowledge Brokers International in Vancouver. “In personal selling and personal marketing, it’s better to reach 50 of the right present and potential clients 20 times with the right methods and contact tools rather than […]

By Jennifer McLaughlin | October 4, 2002

3 min read

Portrait of a Canadian advisor: First Annual Dollars & Sense Survey

(October 1, 2002) It’s a job of finding, minding and grinding. This seems to be the job description of Canadian financial advisors that emerges from a new national survey. The first Annual Dollars & Sense Survey was commissioned by, Advisor’s Edge and Objectif Conseiller magazines, members of The ADVISOR Group of Rogers Media. The […]

By Jim MacDonald | October 1, 2002

2 min read

CAIFA conference update: Romanow healthcare report called

CAIFA dismisses CIFP legal action over use of educational material CAIFA conference update: What is your capacity for service? Plan for “slow motion crisis” of an aging Canada, pension industry told Copayments Through Tax System Could Improve Health System, Reduce Tax Burden Medical Savings Accounts Bring Choice, Planning To Healthcare: Report Lewis predicts Romanow’s report […]

By Doug Watt | October 1, 2002

3 min read

Taking care of business: Canadian advisors from coast to coast talk shop

(September 26, 2002) A national survey of Canadian financial advisors sketches a portrait of the advisor working harder for every penny, but still able to make a comfortable living. This advisor also feels stressed for time and is relatively more cautious in his investment approach, yet is more open to exploring alternative investment products. The […]

By Jim MacDonald | September 27, 2002

2 min read