Qtrade Investor integrates Wealthscope’s portfolio analysis

By Staff | October 30, 2019 | Last updated on October 30, 2019
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Qtrade Investor, part of Toronto-based Aviso Wealth, has partnered with Wealthscope to integrate a portfolio analysis tool into its platform.

Portfolio Score provides investors with a holistic picture of how a portfolio can perform in all market scenarios, Aviso said in a release on Wednesday. It is designed to assess portfolio diversification and risk exposure across multiple classifications, including asset classes and sectors. 

The tool — which Aviso described as a “portfolio health check” — also evaluates investors’ securities and grades overall portfolio performance against downside protection, diversification, performance, income and fees. 

“Investors not only want results, they also want assurance that their investment portfolio is well-constructed and not unduly exposed to risk,” said Christine Zalzal, senior vice president, head of online brokerage & digital wealth at Aviso Wealth. “Portfolio Score identifies any potential risks and flags where they are in the simplest and clearest format possible.”

Qtrade plans to integrate additional Wealthscope tools into its platform by next year.

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