RBC offers low-price units for wealthy

By Staff | July 9, 2012 | Last updated on July 9, 2012
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RBC Global Asset Management has launched several Series H and Series I units for the Canadian market.

They’re available across 31 funds, including RBC Funds, PH&N Funds, BlueBay Funds and RBC Corporate Class Funds.

“Our new pricing model offers fee savings for clients with more than $200,000 to invest,” says Doug Coulter, president of RBC Global Asset Management.

Subsequent minimum investments are $5,000 and both series are available through financial advisors. Series I is only available for fee-based accounts, however.

RBC Funds
RBC Premium Money Market Fund Up to 0.10% $5,000,000 $5,000
RBC Premium $U.S. Money Market Fund* Up to 0.15%
RBC Bond Fund 0.40% $200,000 $5,000
RBC Jantzi Balanced Fund 0.80%
RBC Jantzi Canadian Equity Fund 0.60%
RBC U.S. Equity Fund 0.60%
RBC U.S. Equity Fund (US$)* 0.60%
RBC O’Shaughnessy U.S. Value Fund 0.60%
RBC O’Shaughnessy International Equity Fund 0.75%
RBC Emerging Markets Equity Fund 0.60%
RBC Global Dividend Growth Fund 0.60%
RBC Jantzi Global Equity Fund 0.60%
RBC Global Precious Metals Fund 0.60%
RBC Global Resources Fund 0.60%
PH&N Funds
PH&N Short Term Bond & Mortgage Fund 0.90% 0.40% $200,000 $5,000
PH&N Monthly Income Fund 1.50% 0.50%
BlueBay Funds
BlueBay Global Monthly Income Bond Fund 1.55% 0.80% $200,000 $5,000
BlueBay Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Fund* 1.60% 0.85%
RBC Corporate Class Funds
RBC Short Term Income Class Up to 0.60% Up to 0.40% $200,000 $5,000
PH&N Total Return Bond Class 0.90% 0.40%
RBC High Yield Bond Class 1.10% 0.60%
RBC Canadian Equity Income Class 1.65% 0.60%
RBC Canadian Dividend Class 1.45% 0.60%
RBC Canadian Equity Class 1.65% 0.60%
RBC Canadian Mid Cap Equity Class 1.65% 0.60%
RBC North American Value Class 1.65% 0.60%
RBC U.S. Equity Class 1.65% 0.60%
PH&N U.S. Multi-Style All-Cap Equity Class 1.60% 0.60%
PH&N Overseas Equity Class 1.75% 0.75%
RBC Emerging Markets Equity Class 1.70% 0.70%
RBC Global Resources Class 1.75% 0.60%
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