Russell expands U.S. Dollar Hedged Series

By Staff | August 30, 2011 | Last updated on August 30, 2011
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Russell Investments Canada is expanding its U.S. Dollar Hedged Series, which is targeted to investors who have U.S. dollars but want to maintain exposure to key Canadian and international asset classes while minimizing risk associated with movements in the Canada/U.S. exchange rate.

Russell now offers its U.S. Dollar Hedged Series for the following funds:

• Russell Managed Yield Class;

• Russell Income Essentials Class Portfolio;

• Russell Diversified Monthly Income Class Portfolio; and

• Russell Canadian Dividend Class.

“The Russell U.S. Dollar Hedged Series differs from a conventional hedging strategy, as your initial investment is made in U.S. dollars, which Russell converts into Canadian dollars in order to purchase the underlying pools or portfolios,” explains Greg Nott, chief investment officer with Russell Investments Canada. “Russell then uses a currency hedging strategy to protect your investment from future USD/CAD currency fluctuations.” staff


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