The calm after the Advocis storm on Talvest Town Hall

By Jim MacDonald | November 22, 2002 | Last updated on November 22, 2002
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(November 22, 2002) For the past month financial advisors have debated the merits of the new name of Canada’s largest professional association for advisors.’s online message board has provided a forum for staunch supporters and determined opponents of Advocis, and attracted comments from interested bystanders and various other commentators. Yet the vigorous Advocis debate has not been the only topic of conversation in the town hall — it just seems like it.

One advisor identified as “Steve” asked for assistance and/or information this week from his peers on the topic of offering mortgage services. Steve wants to add to his list of products and services and is looking for help on how to become a mortgage consultant.

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  • “I am also wondering what the issues are, if any in being licensed for mutual funds, life insurance and mortgages,” wrote “Steve” in the “Free For All” forum.

    Other new topics of conversation include healthcare financial planning (Is this a major concern of your clients?) and building advisor teams (How important is the team concept in your practice?).

    Over in the “Insurance” forum , an advisor asked his peers about whether he should be talking to his top clients about Universal Life insurance.

    “I’ve been seeing UL dissed in the press. I’d like someone experienced with UL to give me their views,” said Wayne Rothe.

    Please feel free to join in any of these conversations, or start your own, by sending a message to a forum in the Talvest Town Hall on

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