Top 25 articles of 2015

By Staff | December 22, 2015 | Last updated on December 22, 2015
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This was a banner year for financial news: We had a goodie-filled federal budget, followed by an election that cancelled some of those goodies (but also brought new ones). And, the dearly departed Conservative government announced trust rule changes as part of their legacy, effective Jan. 1, 2016.

In other words, you had a lot to follow this year, and our top 25 stories reflect that. The stories that resonated most were timely perspective pieces that told you what the day’s news meant for your clients. You also appreciated instructional pieces that explained tax forms and tax strategy. And, we saw several stories on our list from past years, showing that even though change is constant, certain issues remain timeless.

Without further ado, here are 2015’s top 25 stories.

25. CRA sets 2016 max pensionable earnings

24. Understanding the pension income tax credit (from 2014)

23. One advisor’s open letter to Justin Trudeau (too bad he didn’t listen)

22. Essential tax numbers

21. Ottawa overhauls trust rules

20. 7 myths about CRM2

19. Politics could shrink TFSA contribution room (and it did!)

18. CRA lists 2015 max pensionable earnings

17. The Family Tax Cut could disappear (and it will, but for different reasons — the Liberals are scrapping it come July 1, 2016, and replacing it with their own childcare benefit)

16. RESP withdrawals 101

15. CE Course: RESP investment strategies (if you’re bored this holiday season, go to for more courses)

14. Should clients use the lower RRIF withdrawals?

13. TFSA back to $5,500 as of Jan. 1. Here’s what to do

12. Is advisor fee deductibility really beneficial?

11. Effects of 2013 dividend tax rules (dividend tax rules have since changed)

10. New rules for probating an Ontario estate

9. What happens when an RESP subscriber dies?

8. Investment fees: what’s deductible? (this is a perennial favourite, originally published in 2009)

7. Joint accounts and survivorship rights (this is from 2010, but you love it!)

6. New law will impact insurance tax benefits

5. The Liberals have won. Should you worry about the TFSA?

4. Lower RRIF rates; more changes to T1135

3. TFSA designations may cause estate planning problems

2. Understanding the new T1135

And our top story, which will no doubt elicit different emotions from you now than when you read it earlier this year:

1. TFSA limit is $10,000. What does that mean for clients? staff


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