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Canadians took up less RRSP room in 2001

(November 19, 2002) Canadians used up only about 9% of the total RRSP contribution room available in 2001. Statistics Canada reported today that a total of 6,241,050 taxfilers contributed just over $28.4 billion to their RRSPs in 2001. The RRSP contributions fell 3.0% from 2000, when Canadians socked away $29.3 billion. The number of contributors […]

By Jim MacDonald | November 19, 2002

2 min read

New committee should have final say on improving securities regulation, MacKay says

(November 19, 2002) Canada’s hodgepodge system of securities regulation is not beyond repair, but it does need a serious upgrade as soon as possible, says Saskatchewan lawyer Harold MacKay. In a report released today on ways to improve the current regime, MacKay recommends a committee be set up focusing on two models: harmonization or a […]

By Doug Watt | November 19, 2002

3 min read

Prescription for health: Healthcare financial planning solutions for Canadians

(November 13, 2002) On September 17, word that the GST could increase to 10% made Canadians gasp in horror. The rumour was scoffed at by Prime Minister Jean Chretien in an effort to ease fears, even though it could have brought in an additional $9 billion a year — funds to pay for what is […]

By Sheila Avari | November 18, 2002

7 min read

Few clients save for a sick day, says survey of Canadian advisors

The imperative of critical illness and disability insurance New taxes could pay for additional healthcare funding, Senate committee suggests Romanow healthcare report called “benchmark for next generation” Plan for “slow motion crisis” of an aging Canada, pension industry told Critical illness could lead to emergency financial planning for many Canadians Medical savings accounts bring choice, […]

By Jim MacDonald | November 18, 2002

4 min read