Seventy-five Canadians are one step closer to taking a one-way trip to Mars, reports Toronto Sun.

That’s because Mars One—the not-for-profit group that plans to start a 40-person colony on the red planet in 2023—has narrowed its colony choices to about 1,000 people out of more than 200,000.

During stage two, applicants will undergo medical and psychological tests, adds the news outlet. The test will include questions about how contenders feel about leaving their families.

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One of the chosen Canadians is Stephen Fenech, a Toronto-based adventurer who specializes in photography and filmmaking. He told the Toronto Sun he’s a globetrotter and has always dreamed of space travel.

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He has only his parents and friends here on Earth, so added he’s more than willing to be a galactic guinea pig. Watch the CBC video below to hear from Fenech.