Premium Advice — Using insurance to ensure a happy second marriage

A lot of our clients are successful in business, but marriage is another story. Many first-time unions have ended in divorce because of an overworked husband or wife, but now that they have a solid career, it’s often time to find a special someone again. Life isn’t as simple for your client as it was […]

By Chris Paterson | June 3, 2008

4 min read

Ways to approach wills and insurance

(August 2007) A life insurance policy is the one financial product that your client is probably not keen to see paid out anytime soon. But like a will, life insurance is an estate planning tool that will bring certainty to a client’s legacy. Corry Collins, a CFP and chartered life underwriter at Halifax-based Living Benefits […]

By Mark Noble | August 17, 2007

4 min read

Shades of grey

The term “field underwriter” takes on a new meaning when an advisor starts selling long-term care insurance. The policies are complex and require advisors to do more field research and ask applicants probing questions, regardless of whether they’re being acquired for elderly clients or younger prospects. Without strict attention to detail, a high percentage of […]

By David Wm. Brown | June 16, 2006

5 min read

Mandatory memos

I’ve just completed drafting our company’s Advisor Disclosure Document, which we will be sending to clients for their signatures starting this year. The document is required by Regulation 347/04 of the Ontario Insurance Act. Other provinces have similar requirements. The new rule, which updates its predecessor, Regulation 663, introduces a new provision on disclosure of […]

By David Wm. Brown | April 7, 2006

5 min read