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Plan for the worst-case scenario

Critical illness insurance can be instrumental to comfortable retirement

Put insurance on clients’ travel checklists

Insurance should be #1 on your travel checklist

  • By: Staff
  • May 16, 2013 September 10, 2018
  • 12:24

Insurers must raise taxation, exempt test concerns: CAILBA

Insurers must inform legislators about potential negative consequences of changing the tax regime for products

  • By: Staff
  • May 15, 2013 September 10, 2018
  • 10:48

Getting a group benefits quote

Tips to follow

Help clients prepare for weather emergencies

Canadians need to be better prepared for severe weather and emergencies

  • By: Staff
  • May 6, 2013 October 9, 2018
  • 09:55

Land your client’s group benefits business

Self-employed clients’ group benefits plans bring in recurring fees

BMO Life and Canada Life reprice insurance products

The Canadian insurance industry continues to tweak products to stay competitive and profitable

Check home insurance terms before renovating

Many homeowners give their homes facelifts in the spring

  • By: Staff
  • April 29, 2013 September 10, 2018
  • 11:23

What drives the costs of benefits plans?

It's hard for administrators to control benefits plans costs and enhance employee value simultaneously.

  • By: Staff
  • April 26, 2013 August 21, 2018
  • 05:59

Big dreams, low risk appetite

A couple asks for help with ambitious retirement goals.

  • By: Katie Keir
  • April 17, 2013 September 6, 2018
  • 05:55

15 tips to protect your client’s home

Almost half of all home insurance claims are the result of water damage, finds Aviva Canada Inc.

  • By: Staff
  • April 11, 2013 August 21, 2018
  • 05:59

IBC pushes for competitive auto insurance

IBC pledges to work with officials to protect drivers from scams and reduce insurance rates.

  • By: Staff
  • February 20, 2013 August 21, 2018
  • 11:08

Desjardins raises permanent insurance and CI rates

This marks the fourth round of LCOI price changes on UL policies.

  • By: Staff
  • February 14, 2013 August 21, 2018
  • 17:34

Disability’s an important sale

Low long-term interest rates, introduction of International Financial Reporting Standards and unprecedented market volatility have created an uncertain environment for Canadian insurers and advisors.

UPDATED: IDC WIN acquires Strategic Brokerage Services

IDC Worldsource Insurance Network has acquired the MGA business of Calgary-based Strategic Brokerage Services. The transaction also includes the business of SBS West, an associated…

  • December 3, 2012 August 21, 2018
  • 17:44

Sandy caused millions in Canadian damages

The estimated insured property damage caused by Sandy in Ontario and Quebec amounts to approximately $100 million.

  • By: Staff
  • November 28, 2012 August 21, 2018
  • 10:04

Onex to acquire U.S. insurance leader

Onex Corporation has agreed to acquire one of the top ten U.S. providers of insurance brokerage services.

  • By: Staff
  • November 26, 2012 August 21, 2018
  • 09:52

Cope with a shrinking insurance market

In today’s market, insurance providers are facing major hurdles.

  • By: Katie Keir
  • November 22, 2012 August 21, 2018
  • 05:59

Empire Life restricts GMWB deposits

The pool of guaranteed income options is shrinking in Canada, and those in existence are being fine-tuned by the few companies still offering them.

Help your senior get insurance

If your clients older than 65 are applying for insurance, underwriters are mainly concerned about unexplained falls.

You need a Plan B

Do you have a contingency plan in place for critical illness, disability, or death?

4 carriers adjust guaranteed and level cost products

Persistent low interest rates continue to cause problems for insurance companies.

  • By: Staff
  • November 13, 2012 August 21, 2018
  • 11:12

Long-term care needs reform: C.D. Howe

A new report calls for innovative reforms to LTC to prepare for the coming surge in demand for services.

  • By: Staff
  • November 12, 2012 June 17, 2018
  • 05:59

Standard Life posts strong performance in Q3

Standard Life Financial saw its premiums and deposits reach $1.6 billion in the third quarter of 2012.

  • By: Staff
  • October 31, 2012 August 21, 2018
  • 10:12

Ontario hikes insurance premiums on small employers

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) will be increasing mandatory insurance premiums on small business employers, says the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB).…

  • By: Staff
  • October 25, 2012 August 21, 2018
  • 06:00