Mandatory memos

I’ve just completed drafting our company’s Advisor Disclosure Document, which we will be sending to clients for their signatures starting this year. The document is required by Regulation 347/04 of the Ontario Insurance Act. Other provinces have similar requirements. The new rule, which updates its predecessor, Regulation 663, introduces a new provision on disclosure of […]

By David Wm. Brown | April 7, 2006

5 min read

Risk management top of mind for investing Canadians

(March 2006) A recent Investor Economics report identifies risk management as “a key theme for Canadian households in the next decade. “Those facing retirement must compromise between growth in investments and the ever-decreasing time available for recovery from investment losses. While they likely won’t articulate a specific need for segregated funds, they can be expected […]

By Al Emid | March 3, 2006

6 min read

Guaranteed products not interchangeable

(February 2006) With the proliferation of principal protected notes and market-linked GICs grabbing the headlines these days, segregated funds may not be top of mind for many clients. And while they serve different purposes from the new generation of guaranteed products, they could face a challenge from these upstarts within the next couple of years. […]

By Steven Lamb | February 21, 2006

4 min read

Funding Disability: Clawbacks discourage private savings

(February 2006) Ask any family who has a relative with a disability what their major concern is and they will answer “what happens to our family member when we die?” But another common question is “how do we cope financially when we are retired and still caring for them as well as trying to cope […]

By Janet Freedman | February 9, 2006

4 min read