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The OSC says exempt market investing has been picking up with about $27 billion raised in 2016 by about 1,600 Canadian issuers.

About 57% of Canadian issuers in Ontario’s exempt market were small issuers, raising less than $1 million annually, the OSC said in its annual exempt market report. The small issuers accounted for less than 1% annual gross proceeds raised.

New prospectus exemptions have gained traction, with about 400 exempt market issuers (25%) relying on new prospectus exemptions.

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Exempt market issuers in the province have primarily used the accredited investor exemption, accounting for about 90% of gross proceeds raised, the OSC said.

The family, friends and business associates exemption was the second-most used exemption. It allows issuers to raise capital from investors who qualify as family members, close personal friends or close business associates of the principals of the issuer.

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