Build retirement funds for longer-living clients

By Staff | June 5, 2013 | Last updated on June 5, 2013
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Michael Falk of Focus Consulting Group discussed how to build a retirement fund at today’s Morningstar Investment Conference Canada. live-tweeted the talk.

Here are the tweets:

Global aging will impact GDPs over next few decades. It will also affect investing markets, as portfolios change after retirement #MIC2013

India & U.S. are best positioned to grow their populations and maintain good demographics over next 30 yrs #MIC2013 China is aging rapidly

If you want to keep families together, talk about the care of aging parents & how funds will be distributed. It is an issue #MIC2013

Getting CPP and OAS isn’t easy and simple. Have to be a citizen for many years, and there are rules people have to understand #MIC2013

But the real question is: how deep is the pool of funds for the country? Talk to clients about how they’ll diversify fund streams #MIC2013

What happens to you if clients haven’t saved enough? Protect yourself by making sure there’s no holes in clients’ safety nets #MIC2013

Help ppl succeed by getting them to make automatic savings payments. For more on timing retirement, read this article #MIC2013

For every manager who does achieve alpha, another loses. Not everyone can focus on beating markets #MIC2013

Alpha & beta are just 2 things investors should focus on. Check out @MorningstarCDN‘s retirement paper.

If clients want to grow income, they won’t want annuities. If they’re worried about income protection, they may want them #MIC2013

If half a retiree’s income is in their pension, then they can take more risks with the other funds #MIC2013 staff


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