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Five “tectonic forces” are shifting the global status quo, leading to an age of economic and financial uncertainty, according to Stephen Poloz, former governor of the Bank of Canada. What are they?

Five economic risks to watch: Poloz

Recent news of a vaccine raised hopes for beaten-down sectors such as airlines, energy and financials. What does this mean for growth stocks, especially compared to value stocks? Is caution warranted?

After long wait, value investors are ready for a rotation

Looking at the final quarter of 2020, advisors are optimistic about a broad market recovery — especially in equities — while investors remain cautious. What’s the story behind these diverging sentiments? And are investors always getting the full story when it comes to analyzing equities?

Advisor, client sentiment on equities diverges

Turns out, Canadian investors bought more foreign securities in September, outpacing foreign buying of Canadian securities. Find out where the buying was concentrated.

Canadian investors increase foreign buying in September