Market Insights

Institutional investors prefer financials

(March 2006) Retail investors seeking insight on ‘where to invest next’ often look to the institutional side, reasoning that the largest money managers can afford superior research. While the energy sector may have been the obvious story in the recent past, institutional pooled equity funds continued to favour financial services stocks in the fourth quarter […]

By Steven Lamb | March 15, 2006

3 min read

Foreign equity funds set to rebound?

(March 2006) After several years of poor performance — both in terms of sales and investment returns — foreign mutual funds appear to be levelling off, as total assets under management stabilize, according to research from Investor Economics. “Though currently out of favour, we believe this theme will reassert itself,” reads the latest issue of […]

By Steven Lamb | March 10, 2006

3 min read

Oil to remain strong in the near-term

(February 2006) Investors who enjoyed the massive upside to the energy rally were more than a little disappointed this past week, as the price of crude oil plummeted from over US$66 a barrel to $62, slashing 400 points off of the energy-heavy TSX Composite index. Is the party over for the energy sector? It’s hard […]

By Steven Lamb | February 10, 2006

4 min read

Canadian commodities look golden in 2006

(January 2006) The last time the S&P/TSX Composite broke through 11,000 investors foolishly believed the good times wouldn’t end. But end they did. Markets around the world fell hard, led by a raucous sell off in the U.S. tech sector. The markets have recovered, but the U.S. is shaky and could be a catalyst to […]

By Mark Brown | January 23, 2006

4 min read