TIGER 21 sticks with private equity

By Staff | October 17, 2012 | Last updated on October 17, 2012
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The TIGER 21 Quarterly Asset Allocation Report for Q3 2012 has been released.

Turns out, members kept their portfolios fairly static when compared with last quarter’s report.

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The only noticeable differences were a decrease in the allocation to hedge funds from 8% to 7% and an equal increase in the public equity allocation from 22% to 23%. All other categories remained unchanged.

Private equity maintained an allocation level of 18% again this quarter, which represents a steady increase into this space and continues to mark the highest level seen in this category since this data has been recorded.

The allocations appear to be attributed to investments in members’ own businesses or other private businesses, as opposed to investments in private equity funds.

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Members’ equity exposures have been trending upward over the past five quarters. Although allocations have not returned to levels seen in Q3 and Q4 of 2008, there has been increasing interest in this space over the past year.

They’re also scaling back their hedge fund allocations consistently. The current allocation level of 7% is below the median trend of 9% seen over the past few quarters and the lowest level seen since the first quarter of last year.

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