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Throughout the last year, AdvisorToGo podcasts and articles have covered a variety of topics, from  investment trends to outlooks for the global economy.

Here is the first half of our top 10 list for 2018. We’ll post articles one through five next week.

10. Consider alternatives as markets moderate

Ten years into the bull market and on the back of central bank tightening, it’s time for investors to brace for change.

9. Finding a smoother ride for the cycle’s end

The return of volatility early in the year may have caught some investors off guard.

8. How far can the loonie upswing go?

On the back of a bolder Bank of Canada, the outlook for the loonie was positive in the fall.

7. Where oil prices are headed and why

OPEC news and geopolitical issues were top of mind in the summer.

6. Rising rates and dividend-paying stocks

With less slack in the economy and interest rates rising, we looked at the case for dividend-growth stocks.

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