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Advisor To Go podcasts and related articles covered a variety of topics this year, from tax and retirement tips to the Russia-Ukraine conflict and — of course — inflation. 

Here’s our editor’s choice top 10 — a selection from the year that shows how the markets fared, and how experts responded.

How Bad Would a Recession Next Year Be?

In an early-September podcast, CIBC chief economist Avery Shenfeld discussed the possibility of Canada slipping into a recession, noting that some interest-sensitive sectors have already seen a decline. 

Canada’s Housing Market is Correcting, Not Crashing

Benjamin Tal, CIBC’s deputy chief economist, suggested the downturn in Canada’s formerly hot housing market is not the beginning of a long-term decline but “simply reallocation of activity over time,” given the market’s strong fundamentals.

Golombek’s Budget 2022 Highlights

The CIBC Private Wealth tax expert shared his thoughts on the tax-free first home savings account (FHSA) when it was proposed in the 2022 federal budget, saying the new account would be “substantial” for first-time homebuyers. Golombek offered an updated take on the FHSA this month.

Tips for Drawing Down Funds in Retirement

Susan Wood, director of wealth strategies at CIBC Private Wealth, offered tips to help clients withdraw their money in the most tax-efficient manner as they near retirement.

Will Canadian Equities Outperform in 2022?

Earlier this year, senior portfolio manager Craig Jerusalim shared his thoughts on what to expect from the Canadian stock market and how the TSX would fare against U.S. equities in 2022.

Peak Rates in Sight But Don’t Expect Cuts Soon

With inflation the dominant theme for much of the year, Benjamin Tal discussed the likelihood of a monetary policy error sending the economy into a recession.

ESG’s Inflation Conundrum 

After years of momentum for ESG investing, CIBC’s sustainable investment head suggested that geopolitics and inflation have thrown a wrench in the shift toward cleaner energy.

Equity Outlook to Remain Challenging

As the global economy grappled with higher inflation and rising rates, CIBC Asset Management’s chief investment officer Luc de la Durantaye shared his views on what to expect from equities markets.

How Rising Rates Could Affect Bond Portfolios

Richard Lawrence, senior vice-president of global fixed income at Brandywine Global Investment Management, shared his views on how rising inflation and slower growth could affect bond portfolios. 

Ukraine War Reveals Flaws in ESG Investing

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine rattled global markets and left investors grappling to understand the implications for responsible investing. Vice-president of sustainable investments Aaron White suggested the conflict could force investors who pride themselves on doing the right thing with their money to rethink their portfolios.