This winter, U.S. economic growth was sluggish due to harsh weather patterns that affected consumer spending.

But the country’s equity markets kept rising, says Luc de la Durantaye, first vice president of global asset allocation and currency management at CIBC Asset Management. He manages the Renaissance Optimal Inflation Opportunities Portfolio.


Going forward, he adds, “We’re going to start seeing stronger [economic] numbers,” according to the U.S. Federal Reserve. Riskier assets may take a hit due to market volatility and a back up in yield, but equity markets won’t slow.

So you should help clients search for opportunities throughout the year, says de la Durantaye.

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Also tell investors they need to consider that “at [more than] 16 times earnings, the U.S. equity market is no longer cheap,” he adds. “We [have] less of a bullish stance on U.S. equities [since] it’s time to look elsewhere for growth.”

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