Norshield Saga: An in-depth look

(April 2006) Largely based in the Quebec market, the story of Norshield Asset Management may not have attracted the same national media attention as Portus, but the story is just as compelling: a labyrinth of inter-related companies, a regulatory crackdown and investor funds vanishing into thin air. Investigative journalist Scot Blythe has been digging into […]

By Staff |March 31, 2006

1 min read

Sub-advisors facing increased competition

(April 2006) The drive toward lower MERs and overall costs may be benefiting investors, but it has ravaged the third party sub-advisory industry, according to the latest research from Investor Economics. Between December 2001 and December 2005, the number of fund companies using sub-advisors dropped 34%, from 94 to 62. The number of long-term funds […]

By Steven Lamb |March 31, 2006

3 min read

Institutional investors prefer financials

(March 2006) Retail investors seeking insight on ‘where to invest next’ often look to the institutional side, reasoning that the largest money managers can afford superior research. While the energy sector may have been the obvious story in the recent past, institutional pooled equity funds continued to favour financial services stocks in the fourth quarter […]

By Steven Lamb |March 15, 2006

3 min read

Alt Assets: Name raiders

(March 2006) You use domain names every time you visit a website or google a term to find more information. But do you know what gives value to a name? Do you know how to assess that value? What you don’t know actually spells opportunity. Just as in financial markets, there are primary and secondary […]

By Pierre Saint-Laurent |March 10, 2006

4 min read