ETF exec leaves RBC

By Melissa Shin | July 24, 2012 | Last updated on December 5, 2023
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Cary Blake has left RBC Global Asset Management.

He joined RBC in 2010 as a vice president to head its ETF business initiative. Prior to that, he worked at BlackRock.

Blake’s responsibilities included development and execution of RBC’s ETF business strategy. He officially left July 19 and RBC spokesperson Leah Commisso confirmed his departure today.

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Writing on his website, Yves Rebetez, managing director and editor of ETFInsight, says Blake’s departure doesn’t bode well.

Meanwhile, according to the Canadian ETF Association, RBC has raised about $115 million in assets under management; a small number given the scope and depth of its asset management business. Vanguard ETFs, which entered the market at similar time, has raised more than twice that. BMO ETFs raised $230 million last month alone.

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Blake has been replaced by Mark Neill, president of PH&N Investment Services. “Neill leads the direct-to-client business and the third-party accounts platform, which both have investor overlap with the ETF segment. So we’re confident it’ll be a smooth transition,” says Commisso.

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