ETF space expands in November

By Staff | December 10, 2012 | Last updated on December 10, 2012
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Yves Rebetez of ETF Insight breaks down the numbers in the ETF space for November:

  • 7 ETF providers
  • 25.7%: YTD AUM growth across the Canadian ETF industry (to the end of November, 2012)
  • $54.3 billion overall AUM as of November 30, 2012 (up 28.1% from a year ago, and $6.7 billion from the dip experienced last May)
  • $11.1 billion increase in AUM since Dec 31, 2011. (iShares: +$4.94Bn, incl. Claymore; Horizons: +$384.6MM; BMO ETFs: +$4.38Bn; RBCGAM: +$101.3MM; First Asset: +$66.92MM; PowerShares: +$860MM; Vanguard: +$359.3MM).
  • 74.9% (November 2012) combined market share iShares/Claymore (82.7% pro-forma as at Dec 2011). Horizons: 6.4%; BMO ETFs: 15.1%; RBCGAM: 0.3%; First Asset: 0.2%; PowerShares: 2.3%; Vanguard: 0.8%.

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ETF Insight suggests the following ETF exposure:

  • ETFs that feature: quantitative/differentiated strategies and an ability/focus on understanding/managing risk, including minimum volatility strategies (if not resulting in undue sector concentration)
  • ETFs that utilize covered call strategies (the caveat here being that for it to be effective, reinvestment of cash flows must take place) as another way to seek to reduce overall portfolio volatility.

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