ETFs, ETPs top US$3.7 trillion in assets

By Staff | February 22, 2017 | Last updated on February 22, 2017
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Assets invested in ETFs and ETPs listed globally reached a record high of US$3.7 trillion at the end of January 2o17, reports Deborah Fuhr, managing partner and co-founder of the ETFGI website. That surpasses the previous record of US$3.5 trillion at the end of December 2o16.

In total, there are 293 providers of ETFs and ETPs on 65 exchanges in 53 countries.

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ETFs and ETPs accounted for more than US$62 billion in net inflows in January, marking three years of net inflows, reveals ETFGI data.

Here’s the breakdown of assets under management at the end of January 2017 (all figures are in U.S. dollars):

  • Canada — $88.8 billion
  • U.S. — $2.6 trillion
  • Europe — $598.8 billion
  • Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) — $132.9 billion

Equity ETFs and ETPs had the largest net inflows ($46 billion), followed by fixed income (about $13 billion), active (about $1.5 billion) and commodity ($987 million) ETFs and ETPs.

Download the full report here.

ETFGI is an independent research and consultancy firm for trends in global ETFs and ETPs, and is based in London, England.

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