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By Wire services | December 21, 2012 | Last updated on December 21, 2012
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It’s hard for investors to break through all the ETF noise, especially when each provider is claiming they have a superior market intelligence and the lowest fees, reports Josh Ehrlich of ETFinsight.

So how can investors sort through all the choices? Learn from the U.S., says Ehrlich.

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U.S. ETFs with Canadian exposure include S&P/TSX index funds, gold and silver mining ETFs, and Canadian energy funds. But one of the big surprises is the Global X Canada Preferred ETF. This fund holds preferred shares that trade on the TSX, and its top holdings include the preferred shares of Enbridge (3%), TransCanada (3%), and Manulife (3%), reports Ehrlich. It’s also up more than 4%.

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In Canada, there are four comparable options, including iShares S&P/TSX CDN Preferred Share Index Fund, Horizons Active Preferred Share ETF, PowerShares Canadian Preferred Share Index ETF, and BMO S&P/TSX Laddered Preferred Share Index ETF.

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