Real estate smoothes portfolio volatility

With the real estate market booming across the country, it may be hard to ignore the capital appreciation aspect of real estate investments. But for many institutional portfolio managers, real estate is a core holding rooted firmly in the fixed income side of the asset mix. Sure, housing prices seem sky high, but residential property […]

By Steven Lamb | April 21, 2006

5 min read

Norshield Saga: An in-depth look

(April 2006) Largely based in the Quebec market, the story of Norshield Asset Management may not have attracted the same national media attention as Portus, but the story is just as compelling: a labyrinth of inter-related companies, a regulatory crackdown and investor funds vanishing into thin air. Investigative journalist Scot Blythe has been digging into […]

By Staff | March 31, 2006

1 min read

Alt Assets: Name raiders

(March 2006) You use domain names every time you visit a website or google a term to find more information. But do you know what gives value to a name? Do you know how to assess that value? What you don’t know actually spells opportunity. Just as in financial markets, there are primary and secondary […]

By Pierre Saint-Laurent | March 10, 2006

4 min read

Perfect storm for U.S. mortgage-backed investors

While some Canadian mutual funds have dabbled in U.S. mortgage-backed securities, Toronto-based Sentry Select Capital Corp. introduced that market to Canadian investors in a big way with launch of Mortgage-Backed Securities Trust in the 2003. Sentry Select has since introduced three other closed-end trusts — including two in 2005 — that also invest in the […]

By Michael Barrett | March 1, 2006

7 min read