ETF Summit - 2019

For the first time in a decade, ETFs outsold mutual funds last year. New entrants come to market monthly. Regulators are prioritizing ETF regulation, particularly for active funds. See below for post-event coverage from the ETF Summit 2019.

Navigating the ETF landscape
BMO provides extra support for advisors

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B M O Exchange Traded Funds

Industry insights from the executive suite
Advisors participated in animated discussions with three C-suite leaders at the 2019 ETF Summit

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Franklin Templeton

Using ETFs to better prepare for retirement
How exchange-traded funds can help advisors navigate a changing retirement landscape

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Fidelity Investments

Factor Investing, ETFs and Constructing Efficient Portfolios
A Renewed Insight into Sources of Alpha

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RBC iShare

Photo gallery from the 2019 ETF Summit