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In this webinar on Wednesday, November 18, 2020 1:00 pm ET, presented by RBC Insurance, advisors will learn how to address the disability insurance needs of working Canadians by their profession (healthcare workers, tradespeople, freelancers, small business owners and more). You’ll learn how to handle objections and gain valuable product knowledge aimed at helping you and your clients so that they can protect their most valuable asset – themselves.

The number of working Canadians with disability insurance benefits is on the decline, leaving them more at risk of being underinsured and their incomes unprotected.The potential for Canadian workers to lose their ability to earn an income means they risk losing the lifestyle they’ve worked so hard for. Although provincial healthcare can help with certain medical costs, it’s often not enough to replace lost income. Having the right level of disability insurance coverage means they can worry less about finances and focus on getting better, should a disability strike.

Presented by:
Kate Horne, Senior Sales Consultant, Life & Living Benefits, RBC Insurance

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Kate Horne

Senior Sales Consultant, Life & Living Benefits, RBC Insurance

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RBC Insurance

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