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life insurance without cash value


New When to choose corporate-owned life insurance – without a cash value

Many business owners need permanent insurance protection, but don’t need or want the tax-sheltered cash value growth.

Jean Turcotte

Tax and Estate planning

Five financial and tax considerations for a divorce or dissolution of a common law relationship

Jean Turcotte has some advice on how to practically assist Clients who are going through a divorce or dissolution of a common law relationship.

Chantal McNeily

Industry insights

Four steps to better life balance – and female advisor success

The Japanese concept of “ikigai” could be helpful in finding the balance you need to thrive personally and professionally.

life insurance as an asset class


Are you overlooking life insurance as an asset class?

Permanent life insurance – an asset class that can play a number of roles in a client portfolio.

minimizing tax at death

Tax and Estate planning

Minimizing tax at death on RRSP – Part 2

In this second part of two articles, we’ll look at fourth option for transferring an RRSP at death, and how you can help.

minimizing tax at death

Tax and Estate planning

Minimizing tax at death on RRSP – Part 1

In this first of two articles, we’ll look at three options for transferring an RRSP at death, and how you can help.

Jeffery Waugh

Industry insights

Great news about TFSAs for your clients’ savings

Jeffrey Waugh, Director, Wealth and Insurance Tax Solutions, Individual Insurance and Wealth, Sun Life Financial, discusses the new contribution limit for the TFSA and its tax advantages.

person with disabilities

Tax and Estate planning

Persons with disabilities: strategies for optimizing wealth transfers

A look at the options you can suggest to clients to ensure a smooth transfer of wealth

protecting what is most important

Practice advice

Protecting What’s Most Important

Understanding human capital as a person’s most valuable asset presents opportunities to deliver more value, think holistically, and improve peace of mind.

critical illness planning


Self-fund, share or transfer? Planning for critical illness

Answering important client questions & explaining financial strategies.

Emerging markets

Market insights

Emerging Markets: How to weather market volatility

PM Christine Tan discusses volatility, resilience and allocations.

5 tips for estate planning

Tax and estate planning

5 tips to get clients’ estate plans in order

Have you reviewed your clients’ wills, beneficiaries, insurance and assets? Find out if it’s time for an estate planning checkup.

Protecting clients against criticall illness


Protecting retirement goals when critical illness strikes

Shielding savings and keeping clients on the right financial track.

James Deakin

Industry insights

Understanding the universal life insurance value proposition

We talked recently to James Deakin – Assistant Vice President, Insurance Distribution for Sun Life Financial – about permanent insurance trends and the role that UL insurance continues to play as part of the financial planning process.

8 ways to lower taxes and boost savings

Tax and estate planning

8 ways to help lower clients’ taxes (and boost their retirement savings)

Reducing taxes can go a long way in helping your clients save for retirement.