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sun critical illness insurance making good things better


New Making a good thing better for clients

We’ve taken a client-first approach to enhancing Sun Critical Illness Insurance. Now’s a great time to talk to clients about critical illness coverage.

Video - Critical illness insurance

sun critical illness insurance video
wealth transfer

Market insights

New Are Canadians really ready to retire?

When it comes to retirement, how are we doing? Find out how Canadians answered questions about retirement expectations, income and plans.

two options better than one

Conversation starter

Two options. Better than one

Participating whole life and universal life insurance are not an either/or proposition. Each has its strengths — and its niche.

guaranteed income solutions

Investments and income

How to discuss guaranteed income solutions with clients

Solutions that guarantee a portion of basic retirement income can boost clients’ confidence.

closer look at whole life insurance

Market insights

Take a closer look at participating whole life insurance

The strength of Sun Life’s participating account is its investment philosophy.

3 ways to show clients your value

Market insights

3 ways to show clients your value

Master these 3 key elements to demonstrate the value of your advice.

3 ways to show clients your value

Practice advice

4 retirement risks to discuss with clients

There are many risks threatening retirement income plans. Four major categories of risk need to be accounted for and managed.