Lougheed Investments,
Macquarie Private Wealth, Calgary

Team members: 3

Asset minimum: $500,000

Number of households: 80

At Macquarie Private Wealth in Calgary, Dave Lougheed makes sure all elements of his investment plans work in harmony. Lougheed, an advisor and associate portfolio manager, also knows about another type of harmony—he supports the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra (CPO).

He originally met Ann Lewis-Luppino, the orchestra’s president and CEO, in October 2012 when he hosted a luncheon for corporate and not-for-profit leaders. They discussed how he could collaborate with the CPO.

“A strong arts community is the cornerstone of the cultural life of our city, which is essential for creating an environment of civic spirit and pride,” says Lougheed. “The symphony is one of the most important pillars in this cultural matrix.”

After that conversation, Lougheed became the force behind a fundraiser at the Jack Singer Concert Hall, which his office sponsored. The March 15, 2013 event endowed an associate concertmaster chair in honour of late Alberta premier Peter Lougheed (a distant cousin of Dave’s), and Peter’s wife, Jeanne.

The local Macquarie office became the presenting sponsor for the CPO’s event A “Knight” to Remember. It featured conductor Roberto Minczuk and guest pianist Sir Joaquín Achúcarro, who was knighted by the King of Spain. Lougheed and his team also organized a VIP reception and invited clients, 20 prospects and their spouses, and friends of the symphony.

Reception guests donated $121,770, and Lougheed has asked the Macquarie Group Foundation to match $100,000. The total will be matched again by the Canada Cultural Investment Fund’s Endowment Incentives Program, so the event could generate $443,540 in total for the CPO.

“Calgary thrives on voluntarism and philanthropic support,” says Lougheed. “I see my involvement as a way to meaningfully give back to the community, and build awareness and affinity for my firm.”

Stuart Foxman is a Toronto-based financial writer.