Is Trump in the dump? Regardless of where his campaign is headed, his brand may be headed for the nearest trash can.

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Professionals of all stripes are urged to develop and maintain a strong brand within their industry to stand out from the crowd. With his massive sweep of golden hair and ego-influenced rhetoric, Trump’s brand is certainly easy to identify. But that recognition may, in the end, only serve to help consumers more easily steer clear of the brash brand.

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With ballots yet to be counted, residents and developers are already starting to remove the Trump name from their buildings, reports Bruce Philip in Canadian Business, noting the Trump logo has garnered prominence largely from licensing and marketing deals, not from Trump’s own assets.

In a poll of American voters, 40% say they’re now less likely to buy Trump-related products, reports Forbes. And 46% of Americans say they won’t stay at a Trump-branded hotel.

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Even disregarding Trump’s boorish ways during the election campaign, the Trump brand has little goodwill to begin with, argues Philip in CB, describing the brand as more about ego and excess than great products.

Ultimately, though, the Trump Organization’s fatal error is a lack of self-awareness, says the CB article. Ignoring what consumers think of your brand could relegate it to history’s dumping ground.

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