Victor Hugo wrote, “Music expresses that which cannot be said,” so it can be an ideal client gift.

High cost, low impact
$2,475/500 CDs

Sending your clients a branded CD seems like a logical choice, since you can include a variety of songs—from jazz to rock to classical, and even Broadway show tunes. To avoid surcharges, you need a minimum order of 500, which costs $2,475. And this price does not include shipping.

But if you foist your love of jazz onto someone who doesn’t share your passion for swing eighths, that CD is going to end up in a drawer and your client may wonder if you know him at all.

Low cost, high impact
$1,000/100 gift cards

You can send iTunes gift cards in denominations starting at $10. iTunes can be download on both Windows and Mac platforms.

The gift cards can be emailed to the recipient with a personalized message that you can schedule for a specific date. And, your client gets to choose the type of music he downloads; he can also rent or buy movies.

Medium cost, medium impact
$4,900/100 iPods

For $49, add an iPod Shuffle so your client can listen to music and podcasts when he’s away from his computer.

High cost, high impact

If you want to give a music lover a special gift, a Bose music system promises quality sound for $649. The system has a radio, CD player and Bluetooth to link with MP3s and iPods. Before you buy, find out if the client’s an audiophile, as they tend to be picky about what gear they’ll allow in the house.

You can also send an A-list client to the symphony. The Toronto Symphony Masterpiece series tickets cost an average of $105 per person, depending on the concert. A season subscription to the Saturday Masterworks series, featuring Beethoven’s works and tenor Ben Heppner, is $580 per person for the best seats. Gift certificates also are available. Season tickets to the Vancouver Symphony Masterworks concerts will cost $739 for similiar seats. This works out to 10 concerts per person for the Gold series plus Diamond series combined. Or, you can spend $400 for either the Gold or Diamond series at the Vancouver Symphony.

Season tickets for the Canadian Opera Company in Toronto cost $1,913 per person for top tickets in the Grand Ring, but they sell out quickly. Other options include platinum seats for the upcoming Michael Bublé concerts in Toronto on June 28 and 29. These cost $450 each. Platinum seats for Lady Gaga in Vancouver cost from $555 to $610 each for her May 30 appearance. But there’s a limit of two per order, so you’ll need connections if you want to buy more.

Lisa MacColl is an Ontario-based financial writer.