The key to a good seminar is your sales tactic, says Grant Shorten, director of strategic insights with Renaissance Investments.

“A well-executed seminar is still one of the strongest ways to gather new assets,” he says.

There are three phases to putting on the perfect seminar: attraction, captivation and motivation.

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  1. Attract

    Make sure prospects open your invite. “Our research shows high-quality, wedding-style invitations are opened by the majority,” he says.

    But once they open it, the topic shouldn’t be a letdown. “Instead of a topic like ‘Effective Financial Planning,’ which is flat and boring, consider, ‘The Secrets of Wealth Creation,’ which is more provocative.”

    Also, don’t blindly fill seats. “Instead, be sure to qualify all invitees by clearly stating the following on your invitation: Please note that this seminar is ideally suited for investors with over $500,000 of investable assets,” says Shorten.

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    Such wealthy clients will also place a lot of store on your seminar’s venue. “Make sure your venue has a reputation for quality and carries some degree of caché.”

  2. Captivate

    “Your spoken message will need to be interesting, relevant, thought-provoking and direct,” Shorten says. “Demonstrate how you can consistently resolve issues for your clients.”

    Be wary of using a guest speaker – you want your audience to see you as the go-to professional.

  3. Motivate

    “Until now, their financial strategies have not involved you. Frame your team’s wealth management process as the missing piece in their financial plans.”

    At the end, be sure each prospect knows you will be contacting him or her during the next two days to answer questions and discuss challenges.

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