’s colleagues at in Quebec have assembled a list of the best Twitter feeds for advisors. A veritable goldmine for finance professionals, Twitter features the latest trends, gossip, expert advice, and much more.

You should be following the accounts of major financial institutions, but advisors on the lookout for cutting-edge information should also check out some lesser-known, but equally rich, feeds. Here’s the inside edge on whom you should follow.

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@DaveRamseyLIVE: Pithy tweets garner a big following

Radio personality Dave Ramsey owes his Twitter rep to his witty and level-headed advice. His favourite topics are budgeting, investing and retirement, but his signature issue is helping people get on track to being debt free.

@daily_finance: Stay up to date in real time

Daily Finance serves up a wide range of financial information focused on personal finance plus tips, analysis, and trends, delivered in a compelling, jargon-free style. A great reference for client advice. Enjoy it with your morning coffee.

@Carl_C_Icahn: Non-stop scoops

With only two tweets, this billionaire turned the financial analysis world upside down. In the summer of 2013, by announcing that he had just taken a massive position in Apple and that the market undervalued the tech giant, he drove the company’s stock price up by 5%. This type of announcement has become Carl Icahn’s trademark on Twitter. A financial wizard worth following … with caution, of course.

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@reformedbroker: Unceremoniously on topic

A successful advisor who’s not afraid to speak his mind, Josh Brown skillfully wields sarcasm and irony to engage his readers on market fluctuations, the economy and finance. This is your go-to Twitter feed for financial information with anecdotes and humour.

@fabienmajor: Quebec’s social media star

You don’t have to agree with Fabien Major to acknowledge that he is a force to be reckoned with on social media, especially Twitter. He discusses everything—personal finance, news, financial products, and more—with an undeniable knack for sparking debate.

@Tradingsat: Financial markets in real time

Follow the top Francophone stock market information and advice site to track the slightest movements on the financial markets and pick up valuable advice.

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@PeterAceto: One-on-one with the CEO of Tangerine

Peter Aceto, a prolific presence on Twitter, focuses on leadership, business, and consumer experience. He provides easy-to-understand advice on how to become a successful manager and calmly confront the changing financial sector.

@CanadianFinance: Personal finance expertise

The account of Tom Drake, founder of Canadian Finance blog, is jam-packed with useful tidbits and ideas to help you save money on income taxes and insurance.

@SuzeOrmanShow: Top Influencer

Finance luminary Suze Orman performs a rare feat: despite her huge media presence, she remains easily accessible. Her feed is a go-to reference for instructive explanations on life insurance and personal finance, analyses and success stories.

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@JeanChatzky: Finance 101

This financial journalist is extremely popular for his down-to-earth advice on how to budget, reduce debt and manage money. Jean Chatzky’s exceptional style is ideal for beginners and those who advise them.

@AMCarron: When marketing meets finance

Alain-Marie Carron, a marketing communication specialist at KPMG, shares his analyses and opinion without resorting to jargon or skimping on humour.

@JustinWolfers: University knowledge made practical

This celebrated economics professor knows how to make numbers and macroeconomic analysis accessible. If you’re looking for a feed that connects the dots between economic theory and everyday life, this is the one to follow!

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@MartinSLewis: The 10-million-follower man

The founder of, a repository of everyday money-saving suggestions, and a strong voice on Twitter, Martin S. Lewis helps followers keep their personal finances in check and monitor those “invisible” expenses.

@Pawelmorski: Understanding new markets

Are you interested in emerging markets? Follow Pawel Morski, a market veteran and top dog on Twitter when it comes to emerging economies and currencies.

@Advisorca: Your source for financial industry and economic news

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