Your high-net-worth clients may want to consider investing in art. And for clients that already own a piece, make sure it’s well ensured.

The art market continues to be hot, and 2013 saw record prices set for paintings by particular artists, artists still alive, and American works, reports the Huffington Post.

Claude Monet’s L’Ille aux Orties, a dreamy Impressionist landscape, sold for $8.1 million at Christies in New York in November. While certainly higher than any of Monet’s works fetched while the painter was still alive, that sum pales in comparison to a most of the other artworks listed, some which sold for more than $40 million.

Works by Cubist Pablo Picasso, abstract painters Willem de Kooning and Wassily Kandinsky, and classic American painter Norman Rockwell all made the list.

To see which work topped the list, read more here.

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