In the coming week, headlines are likely to be dominated by international central bank news. Not only are markets expected to closely watch Trump-nominated incoming Fed Chair Jerome Powell, but also Bank of Canada head Stephen Poloz will give a speech on inflation on Tuesday.

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What’s more, policy rate decisions, data and news will come from numerous central banks in Latin America and Asia, as well as from Australia and New Zealand.

A week ahead report from Scotiabank notes next week will also mark the beginning of Canadian earnings season, with “ninety-nine firms listed on the TSX […] slated to release earnings.” At the same time, U.S. earnings season will come to an end as the final 46 S&P 500 firms left to go weigh in.

In Europe, markets will mainly be looking at Germany. The report says, “The problem facing Germany next week will be the near impossibility of maintaining the enormous gains that were booked across a variety of [economic] readings the prior month.”